The Beginning

by D. C. Haddock

Bonjour, willkommen, hola, hello! Welcome to my newest enterprise, a blog started with selfish notions in mind and in complete boredom. Thanks to little miss Sandy, I have come to have enough free time to begin writing down the utterly useless thoughts that flit through my brain while I’m laying in bed or standing in the shower. I always thought it a very courageous, respectable thing to put pen to paper (finger to keyboard?) and write one’s thoughts and ideas and opinions about the world, and then publish it for everyone to read with the probability that people will judge, discriminate, even persecute. I won’t promise to be interesting, and I won’t promise to be boring; I won’t promise to tell you about how “like, SO GUILTY I feel about eating that third cookie; but, like, those chocolate chips were, like, calling my name!!” and I won’t promise to pretend that I’m a “cultured savant” whom EVERYONE should agree with, lest they be believed an imbecile. My Archaeology professor said the other day, and I’m quoting very loosely: “No one in this room is smarter than anyone else. The only thing that matters, are the choices we make; for example, some of us choose to read Franz Boas while others watch Jersey Shore.” I do believe there are exceptions to this statement (I’ve known a person with a photographic memory, and a person with synesthesia who were both obviously far more academically talented than anyone else I’ve been aware of other than folks like Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking; but that’s a whole ‘nother can of worms) yet I do generally believe this is to be a very true statement. The choices we make will ultimately far outweigh our capabilities (unless, again, you’re an Einstein or Sheldon from Big Bang Theory). So here I sit, while my house sounds like it’s about to blow away to Oz with every gust of wind that whistles by, and here I type, word by word, key by key, the world as I see it.

I refuse to write about Sandy itself, because I think we’ve all seen the images on the TV and have probably heard enough news coverage to make us want to walk outside and drown ourselves, so instead, I’ll just say that my biggest worry today was the possibility of having to take a shower in the dark. And then I realized how STUPID that was. I mean, really, a broken crane is dangling over Midtown, the ocean has rushed over the sand dunes and into homes at Point Pleasant, the tunnel connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan has already begun to take on water and I’m freaked about having to bring a candle into a bathroom in fear of being completely wet and naked in a closed, small, steamy area in complete darkness (the last time I was in a situation even remotely close to that, I was a fetus in my mother’s womb. Ew.) I also witnessed a bunch of robins being blown around by the gails. One hit the window in the dining room, but I don’t have really anything to say about that, that’s just a really unfortunate act of nature.

I guess I’ll attach a picture that really has nothing to do with anything in this entry- I’d just like to show off my favorite photo of all time, a lady floating in crystal clear water at Weeki Wachee Spring, Florida in 1947. I’m not sure why I like it so much; but enjoy!Image