The Cleansing

by D. C. Haddock

Here’s a little ode to my Edgar Allen Poe heritage. It’s not nearly as majestic or creepy, but it might entertain you for a few seconds.

The Cleansing by Devan Haddock

Last night I saw upon my floor a horrible, gruesome thing

Black and oozing, ghastly, monstrous,

A mass of evil, writhing and pulsating.

As I crept closer, it transformed into a box,

The bile, it melted away,

Through the floorboards, the crevices and cracks,

There it sat, wrought with age and decay.

And as I watched, it began to shake, as though there was something inside it,

This thing, it was desperate, it frantically pounded!

I’ll open it up, I decided.

And so, I bent down to study the old lock, and looked about for a key

But to my surprise, the box opened up,

Where a chunk of ice sat waiting for me.

Cautiously, gingerly, I reached into the box, and held the ice in my hand,

And as I gazed, the ice, it shattered!

I simply could not understand…

Left in my palm was a little black thing, shriveled and shrunk like a raisin,

Expecting the worst, and receiving no less,

The little mass caught fire, furiously blazing!

Shocked and horrified, I began to scream, my hand was aflame, you see,

…Until the flames subsided and withdrew,

And left me with the most pleasant feeling.

In both hands now, I looked down and saw a sight I had never seen

One large heart, warm and whole, reserved solely for me.