The Origin

by D. C. Haddock

cool ocean woman

It will be here soon, it’s so near

You need not change your name, your passions, your fears, the cereal brand you buy

It makes no difference where you are, who you are, what you are

It’s coming. Your life is about to begin. This, is now, is the origin.

Wait in the night with the solemn man of the shadow

 Tell him things you cannot say

Then rise and take repose in the coming of sublimity

When the sun creeps along your wall, down on your floor, through your lids.

Don’t go searching or seeding and do not look with your eyes

Hear with thoughts, feel with ideas, taste with memories

Stretch and crack until pain becomes euphoria

Until affliction is synonymous with talent.

Revel in the solitude of your head

Then open it to another

And let them experience the intricacies of your whole being.

It’s so close.

Don’t hide.