by D. C. Haddock

Wandering eyes can easily bait

A blithe grin, a peal of laughter, an errant remark

That sticks to your mind

Like caramel in teeth

Where the sweetness lingers indefinitely

And remains oblivious to its own perfection.

When pleasure is found

 in discourse

 in silence

in presence

in acquiescence

in coalescence

Cessation is not an option.

I watch your hands

 Until a thought decides to drop from your mind

And then I’m given permission to watch your eyes.

And when expectation arises for reply

I want to ask you to please let them keep falling

So I can keep listening

And the world can keep spinning

And I can keep studying

And you can keep syncopating,






Fascinating me until the lights behind your head

Are blotted out, one by one

And all that’s left

Are the words and thoughts that I loved from the beginning.